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All book covers come with free text customization.

The eBook covers are 300 dpi JPEG images. The print book covers are PDF files That are also 300 dpi. They are custom made to fit the trim size or size of your book.

The print book cover(s) need to be sized to fit your book, So you must add the exact trim size, (size of your book, example: 6 x 9), and the exact page count to the form on the checkout page when you complete your order. It is Mandatory for Purchase!

Please allow up to 3 days for delivery by email.

Other Information

Upon purchasing this book cover, or covers, you will get either a customized JPEG file for eBook covers or a customized PDF file for print book covers or both. Your book cover(s) will have the text information on it that you have provided. After your purchase, the book cover(s) will be removed from the store and won’t be sold again.


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