How It Works

Welcome to my premade book cover store. This page will tell you how the store works.

Book Cover Prices:

  • EBook Covers: $40.00
  • Print Book Covers: $45.00
  • EBook Cover +Print Book Cover: $85.00
  • Series eBook Covers: $120.00
  • Series Print Book Covers: $135.00
  • Series eBook Covers + Print Book Covers: $240.00

All eBook covers are JPEG images at 300 dpi. The print book covers are in PDF file format and are also 300 dpi. They are custom made to fit the trim size (book size) of your book.

You can purchase eBook covers and print book covers separately or both together for one price. Once a design is sold it will be taken out of the store and it won’t be sold again.

Once your order is received, it can take up to 3 days to be delivered. You will receive your custom book covers by email.

For Print Book Covers:

When you purchase a print book cover I need to know the size that your book is going to be when completed. An example of this would be a 6” x 9” book. I also need the exact page count of your book and the type of paper you are going to use. The paper type matters because each one has a slightly different thickness. You will find examples of the different paper types below.

This information is MANDATORY if you are purchasing a print book cover. Your print book cover order can’t be completed without it.

You can add this information and all of your book’s text information on the checkout page when you are completing your order. You will notice that some of the boxes are marked required*. So if you don’t fill them out you be able to proceed with your order. If you aren’t purchasing a print book cover, just put an NA in those boxes. I will need the other required* information to complete your text customization.

Below is an example of the Paper Type Options: (Amazon Specifications)

  • Cream Paper – thickness: 0.0025”
  • White Paper – thickness:  0.002252”
  • White Paper & Color Ink – thickness:  0.002347”

When you receive your print book cover you will notice that there is extra space all around the outside. It is an extra .125” to be exact. That area will get trimmed off during the printing process. When your book is shipped to your customers it will be the exact size that you intended it to be.

If you would like a different font style or text color please let me know. I will be happy to accommodate you. I am sure that we can work together to come up with something you are happy with. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee in this store.