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Ebook and Print Book Formatting

ebook and print book formatting gig

Do you need your ebook and print book formatted so you can self-publish them?

If you do, you have come to the right place. I format both eBooks and print books for self-publishing authors exclusively on I offer great rates and on-time delivery. Check out my gig below for this service:

I will turn your book into an ePub file for an eBook, as well as a print-ready PDF for print book publishing. When they are completed, you will be able to upload your book to any self-publishing platform out there. I can add bulleted and numbers lists, drop caps and any other extras to your eBook and print book that you would like.

I include unlimited image formatting with all of my packages. But your images should be resized and ready to go. I don’t resize images with this gig. Your images need to be 300 dpi. If they are not the publishing sites will reject your print book when you publish. Your images should be 300 dpi, sized, and ready for formatting.

I offer unlimited revisions with this gig. I know how important the proper formatting is for your book sales. So I will keep working on it until you are satisfied.


Pricing For This Gig:

Up to 25 Pages with Unlimited Image Formatting: $25.00

Up to 50 Pages with Unlimited Image Formatting: $40.00

Up to 100 Pages with Unlimited Image Formatting: $60.00

These prices include both eBook formatting AND print book formatting!

What You Will Get:

  • 1 ePub file for an eBook
  • 1 print-ready PDF
  • Clickable TOC and links
  • Unlimited image formatting
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Do have editing that needs to be done, or a book cover that needs to be created? Check out my gig extras for both!

Book Formatting Gig

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