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Custom Book Covers Starting at $5.00

custom book covers starting at $5.00

I will design a custom book cover for you that looks great. I don’t use any templates to create my book covers either; they are all made from scratch.

The packages I offer are:

Basic: $5.00 – eBook Cover with 2 stock images included. 3 revisions included with a 2-day delivery.

Standard: $15.00 – eBook Cover + Print Book Cover with 2 stock images included. 3 revisions included with a 3-day delivery.

Premium: $25.00 – eBook Cover + Print Book Cover with unlimited stock images included. 5 revisions included with a 4-day delivery.

My basic and standard packages include 2 stock images. My premium package includes unlimited stock images, which means I will use however many stock images it takes to create a great design for you. I have a lot of experience blending images together into one beautiful creation.

You are welcome to send me your images if you already have something in mind. However, the images you send MUST be 300 dpi if they are going to be used for print. If they aren’t 300 dpi the self-publishing platforms won’t accept them for a print book cover.

What You Will Get:

  • High quality, custom made book covers for eBook and print
  • EBook Cover in JPEG file
  • Print Book Cover in print-ready PDF file format
  • Stock images included with all packages
  • 3 Revisions (5 Revisions with Premium Package)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Gig Extras:

1. Extra Fast Delivery:

  • Basic: 1 Day: $5.00
  • Standard: 2 Days:  $5.00
  • Premium: 3 Days:  $5.00

2. Additional Revision: $5.00

Custom Book Cover Gig

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