ebook and print book formatting gig

Ebook and Print Book Formatting

Do you need your ebook and print book formatted so you can self-publish them? If you do, you have come to the right place. I format both eBooks and print books for self-publishing authors exclusively on Fiverr.com. I offer great rates and on-time delivery. Check out my gig below for […]

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self-publishing tips and tricks

Self-Publishing Tips and Tricks

This book is filled with tips for authors who want to publish better books. It is a little different from other self-publishing books. I wrote it with a focus on the user experience of the reader. It is important that readers have a good experience reading our books if we […]

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self-publishing on all platforms

Self-Publishing On All Platforms

This book points out the differences as well as the similarities in the platforms. The self-publishing platforms that are covered in this book are Amazon KDP, Smashwords, Nook Press, Draft2Digital, and Kobo Writing Life. If you haven’t published on some of the platforms on this list, this guide will give […]

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